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What is a “unique” photograph? Is it still possible to make photographs that are unique, given the medium’s ubiquity in our world?


Unique: Making Photographs in the Age of Ubiquity


Unique: The Workbook


Unique: Special Edition


The Book

Unique: Making Photographs in the Age of Ubiquity is a thoughtful guide for photographers through today’s complex landscape of images, with the ultimate goal of understanding how to make images that matter. Artist and editor Katherine Oktober Matthews leads readers through a way of thinking about images over three parts: Understanding Photographs, Making Photographs, and Moving in Pursuit of Unique.

In images, Unique features work by nearly fifty contemporary artists, both established and emerging, who have taken a role in defining the language of photography, including Laia Abril, Gohar Dashti, Lauren Greenfield, Miho Kajioka, Alexandra Lethbridge, Pixy Liao, Zanele Muholi, among others.

The Workbook

Unique: The Workbook is a practical companion to the theory-based book and includes more than 35 exercises that invite you to analyze, reflect, investigate, and practice. It is available to purchase individually, as a bundle together with the book, or included in the Special Edition.

Special Edition

Unique is also available as a signed and numbered Special Edition.

Awards and Recognition

Unique was a finalist in the Lucies Photo Book Award 2019, and exhibited at the Arles Photobook Award 2019 and Athens Photofestival Photobook Exhibition 2019.

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