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Milk is a limited series art journal
featuring written and visual art works
by artist-mothers about motherhood


Vol. 1
Chores & Transcendence

March 2023


Vol. 2
Body & Belonging

June 2023


Vol. 3
Purpose & Ambivalence
September 2023

About Milk Art Journal

Milk is a limited series art journal featuring written and visual art works by artist-mothers about motherhood. There are a total of three volumes in the series, each organized according to a theme and with a selection of work from artists worldwide. Edited by Katherine Oktober Matthews, Milk art journal includes artworks of diverse media including photography, painting, collage, fiber-based art, sculpture, and pottery, writing in the form of poetry and articles, and interviews with artists and authors. The journal is available as an ebook and printed journal (available by print-on-demand).

Milk art journal Vol. 1, “Chores & Transcendence”, March 2023
Vol. 1 looks at the mundane domestic work, the invisible labor and repetitive actions of motherhood, and how that is counterbalanced with sublime emotional experiences. Volume 1 features works by 14 artists from 7 countries. It includes artworks by Colleen Barry, Talia Chetrit, Rachael Grad, Emma Hardy, Csilla Klenyánszki, Sarah Lightman, Kath Lovett, Elena Skoreyko Wagner, Tabitha Soren, Annie Hsiao-Ching Wang; poetry by C.S. Griffel and Kate Falvey; and interviews with Julie Phillips and Sim Chi Yin. The cover features a painting by Sarah Lightman.

Milk art journal Vol. 2, “Body & Belonging”, June 2023
Vol. 2 looks at how physical (and not) mothering can be, as well as how it can inspire a deep sense of belonging or isolation. Volume 2 features works by 19 artists from 10 countries. It includes artworks by Mequitta Ahuja, Imogen Alabaster, Alejandra Alarcón, Clara Aldén, Jocelyn Allen, Julia Bollinger, Miriam Fabijan, Paola de Grenet, Ashley January, Kasey Jones, Takako Kido, Hilke Kurzke, Fani Parali; poetry by Christa Fairbrother, Faith Paulsen, Marin Smith, and J. Hope Stein; and interviews with Chelsea Conaboy and Cassie Arnold. The cover features a photograph by Jocelyn Allen.

Milk art journal Vol. 3, “Purpose & Ambivalence”, September 2023
Vol. 3 is themed “Purpose & Ambivalence”, and looks at how motherhood can give a deep sense of purpose – to some – and yet it can lead to a range of conflicting, uncertain, or changing emotions. It features works by 14 artists from 6 countries. It includes artworks by Fatema Abizar, Lupita Carrasco, Violet Costello, Marice Cumber, Sharon James, Lisa Krannichfeld, Jenny Lewis, Jena Love, Sarah Pabst, Jannike Stelling, Susanne du Toit; an article by Szilvia Molnar; and interviews with Andi Gáldi Vinko and Pragya Agarwal. The cover features a work of embroidery on canvas by Fatema Abizar.

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