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Creative photography workshop with Unique author, Katherine Oktober Matthews

This autumn, join Katherine Oktober Matthews, author of the book Unique: Making Photographs in the Age of Ubiquity, for a creative photography workshop in France.

Learn how to take more meaningful photographs while taking in the sights, smells and flavors of the Loire Valley in France. Join for a one-week course at the Circle of Misse creative house, where you’ll not only be able to focus on your work in a nurturing setting, but you’ll be cared for in every way: you don’t have to cook or clean, or even drive yourself from one spot to the next. All meals and drinks are included — and we’re not talking about simple canteen food, but amazing meals produced fresh daily by the on-site chef based on local, fresh products. Did we mention all the local French wine you can handle, too?

In our Creative Photography course, professional photographer and editor Katherine Oktober Matthews will walk you through the basics of what makes a photograph “good”, talk theory of creative photography, offer you hands-on exercises and photographic excursions to the villages, markets, landscapes and sights of the surrounding Loire Valley. All along we will develop your photographic eye, creativity, skills and offer substantial feedback on the work you produce. By the end of the workshop, all students will have produced and edited a short series of work.

Learn more, and find out the dates and fees on the Circle of Misse website.

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